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NEW – HSLDA Canada Member Service: Exceptional Needs Specialist

  HSLDA’s team of experts has been dedicated to serving homeschool families for over 25 years, and the resources keep expanding. We understand the importance of meeting the needs of all families, including those with special circumstances. For this...

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Homeschooling & Government Letter Requirements

  For many families receiving a government letter request may raise some concerns. As a member of HSLDA, you can relax knowing that you’re a part of a reputable organization that works on your behalf. Government letter requests continue...

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Have you Logged into the Member Site Yet?

  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with our membership team over the phone, you’ve likely been asked: “have you logged into the Member Site yet?” Another great benefit of being a member with HSLDA is the...

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The Future of Homeschooling with HSLDA

It’s been over 20 years since HSLDA began defending our freedom to home educate. Our organization has grown from its inception and now has the ability to be more proactive than reactive. Now it’s time to leverage our experience...

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Homeschool Dad & HSLDA President on the Benefits of Home Education

My first impression of home education came from a staggering statistic about homeschool graduates in an Ivy League school. Fast forward to marriage and 4 children, the decision to homeschool came with much research and consideration. It’s been over...

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Special Message from HSLDA President

For just over 3 months I’ve enjoyed rolling up my sleeves and going full throttle as HSLDA’s new president. It was a pleasure meeting fellow homeschoolers during the past conference season and I’m grateful for your mutual enthusiasm. For...

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The Fantastic Journey of Membership Applications & Renewals

At HSLDA we just love sharing information with you about all aspects of the organization! We have an amazing team that works diligently to help you throughout your homeschooling journey. From the moment you join and every year you...

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Fostering and Adopting, Part Two

Before you take the plunge and begin the process of approval for fostering and adopting, you ought to also consider the implications of fostering and adopting on your home life and homeschool. There are certainly great benefits to fostering...

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Foster and Adopting: what is the process?

Many of our members have made the decision to expand their family through fostering and adopting. Many others are considering it, but don’t know where to start. This week’s video update discusses some of the general processes that need...

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As a home educator you know the benefits of having access to solid resources to maximize your time and achieve your goals. For 30 years HSLDA has been working diligently to support homeschool families like yours by providing everything needed to succeed. Expert legal support, insurance coverage, and advice from our experienced staff are just some of the many benefits of joining HSLDA.

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